AntiCorr AB
Smedgatan 7
576 33 Sävsjö

Tel: +46 382-613 80

Fax: +46 382-670 42


Two constructors work in AntiCorr´s construction department. All details and products are drawn in a 3D CAD program, SolidWorks 2017. This ensures an effective and secure construction cycle. 3D models give a very clear understanding and decrease misunderstandings.

We also execute FEM-calculations with SolidWorks calculation program, Simulation, and for those customers who have strength requirements, we can also simulate load cases.

Our goal is to:

  • Construct a vast choice of good quality product.
  • Adapt the product to meet the customers demands.
  • Maximize the development by cooperation with the customer.

We belive:

  • That there are no problems that are to complex.
  • That there no demands that we can't meet.

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