AntiCorr AB
Smedgatan 7
576 33 Sävsjö

Tel: +46 382-613 80

Fax: +46 382-670 42

About AntiCorr AB

AntiCorr was founded in 1983. At the present, operations consist of three business areas: partner co-operation, sub-contract work and battery accessories.

Paramount objectives

  • To focus on the customer, everyone in the company working to offer the greatest possible customer benefit.
  • To create a long-term and strong financial basis for AntiCorr's operations by means of know-how, technological development and fixed purpose.

Competitive advantages

  • We can handle several different processes which complement each other and therefore we can offer total solutions.
  • We have a strong sense of quality and environment.
  • We deliver fast and reliable and we have a large backup stock of raw material.
  • We are all involved in meeting the customers wishes and requirements.
  • We have a stable management, ownership and economy.