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Battery Changing System

AntiCorr manufacture battery changing systems for effective and quick changes. We can adapt the construction for the customer.

Battery changing systems mean many advantages:

  • Cost saving.
  • Quicker and more secure.
  • Effective use through fewer charges for each battery.
  • More effective use of the trucks.
  • Reduced need for space.
  • Adapted for the customer.
  • Products with CE marking.

For more information about our battery changing system and battery stand press the links below:


Picture showing BV-081.


AntiCorrs Computer System

AntiCorr has a well developed computer support for battery changing. It is easy to use and gives the customer complete information on each batterys charges and service.

The computer program is:

  • Easy to use.
  • Placed on the changing machine.
  • Is equipped with bar code.
  • Gives quick information on each batterys status.
  • Easy to see each batterys history of use, service and hours of running.